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Business Opportunities - Online Business Directory.

This business opportunity is probably not one that you have ever thought about. Here at Preston's Web Hosting we like to be different and provide our clients with business opportunities that are not splashed all over the internet.

The opportunity details:

To run your own online business directory. Unlike some of our other packages these are not pre designed templates. Each individual directory will be designed from scratch. There are so many possibilities to this opportunity. You can target any area of business, like the demo below, this is a live accommodation directory. You may want to set a directory up that is centred around your own interests, fishing, dogs, music or even a local business directory. The possibilities are endless.

How do I make an income?

1 - Your income from the directory comes from advertisers. Firstly you offer a free listing within your directory to establish it on the internet then when you have gained enough free listings you start to offer a paid featured listing. This is a proven technique that works. We run our own business directory with over 300 featured listings all paying a fee.

2 - Google Adsense. To be honest with you. This method is not going to make you rich. What it does do is that by placing Google Adsense on your directory does not make a new directory look empty. By having a adsense links within every category of your website gives your browsers something to click on.

3 - Affiliate Banners - You could include affiliate banners on your website as another form of income.

4 - This is the most important one of all . Its just one word and that is CONTACTS. Just think about it for a moment. How much does it cost to purchase genuine contact lists? Don't know? Then I will tell you. To actually purchase a list of 500 genuine contacts can set you back between £500 - £5,000. Now think about this!! If you set the directory up to target your own interests or even business area then every single business that lists within your directory are potential customers. How much is this worth to you?

How much can I make from this business?

This question I can not answer. This all depends on you. Like any business the more you put into your business then the more you are going to get out of it. We are not going to lie to you, if you think that all you have to do is purchase one of these packages and the money will start to flood it, think again. To make this business opportunity work for you then you must put the time and effort into marketing the business / website. If you just want a ready made business that you do not have to do anything with then please do not buy this package as you will be wasting your money.

The demo

Below is a screenshot of an actual working directory of one of our existing clients. Just click on the link to view the website.

(opens in new window)

Website features:

Basically the website has every single feature that you would need that is controlled through an easy to use administration area. Please do contact us if you would like a demo of the admin area.

What is included in the Business Directory package?

  • A .com, .net, .biz, .info or .org domain name of your choice. (depending on availability).

  • One month business web hosting account. Then only £4.99 per month after that.

  • The design and creation of your business directory.

  • Professional search engine optimisation service of your directory.

  • Professional search engine submission to all the top search engines.

  • Complete support.

Package price:

The total price for the business directory package is ONLY £99.00 + VAT.

Remember each directory is designed fully optimised and created from scratch.

Any Questions?

Yes - Please contact us on 0845 0093 714.

No - Then fill in the box below and click the 'BUY NOW' button.

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