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Business Opportunities - Laptop Repair.

The Laptop Repair Business On A DVD-ROM ©

"Ever Wanted To Work For Yourself , Working with Computers?!"
"Computer Technicians can earn up to £75,000 Per Year - And So Can YOU !! "
"We have already helped Hundreds Of People set up in this Lucrative Business in their Local Area - Join Them Today!! "

"A Serious Business Offer"

Laptop computers are now becoming more and more popular, and cheaper. This means that there is now fantastic opportunities for creating a business in this lucrative market .

Laptop computers are very easy to fix, replace & repair, but most people will never have the confidence to even open up the case of  laptop PC. And this is where you come in .

I have been fixing Computers for many, many years. Recently, we have seen more & more laptops being brought to us for repair. I am now prepared to unload all my experience onto you , for a very small price .

Also, the government is wanting the computer industry to renew PC equipment and components to avoid the problems with landfill. Again, this is opening up a whole new employment market for those who can establish themselves quickly.

We have put together a comprehensive package of the most popular laptop computer repair manuals ever brought to the market place. We use these manuals ourselves in the day to day running of our computer repair business. And for a limited time only , we are prepared to offer a complete business on a DVD .

This Is What You Will Learn

This is some of what you will learn :

  • How to start a laptop repair business.

  • How to advertise, using tried and tested methods . These methods are the exact, same methods I used myself when we started the business. I was a sales manager before becoming a PC Technician, and some of the advertising methods will be invaluable to you , and your new business.

  • How to get newspaper advertising managers to phone YOU and offer rock-bottom advertising rates.

  • How to supercharge your earnings by establishing contracts with companies.

  • How to repair almost every model of laptop computer on the market today (99% of the most popular models) Including detailed graphical illustrations, and text.

  • The legalities of starting and owning a business , VAT, Book Keeping, etc.

  • The engineers manuals on this DVD covers ALL aspects of laptop computer repairs. Diagnostics, replacing defective parts, completely stripping down all makes and models . Assembly. And much, much more.

  • How to get access to almost every computer related problem/solution known to mankind, and the solution will be given to you by world expert technicians. This alone is worth it's weight in gold !

There is not a DVD available anywhere in the UK with more detailed information, on starting a Laptop Repair Business - We know, we created the DVD ! This is a professional, retail product. It would also be perfect as a gift!

Laptop computers are here to stay. Start a career in the most advanced and stable employment market around today. Secure your future with a secure product.

You can learn at your own pace . You will soon realise that laptops are actually very simple to fix.

The detailed repair manuals will take you step by step to the conclusion of the desired repair . Here is a screenshot of one of the hundreds of manuals on the DVD:

As you can quickly see, the repair manuals show you EXACTLY what you need to do, in high graphical detail. We have trained employees to repair laptop PC's in less than a week .

Yes, in less than 7 days we have trained apprentices who have never before taken apart a laptop PC, to be able to quickly diagnose and rectify any repair problem. Laptops are a lot less complicated than you realise.

Our Manuals will cover approximately 95% of the most popular laptop computers that have been around for the last 4/5 years, including Sony, Compaq, Acer, Apple, Dell, IBM, Omnibooks & Toshiba models. We also give an array of manuals on system maintenance , diagnostics & trouble-shooting to get you started.

Is It Really That Easy?

Well, nothing worthwhile is ever easy, although when you consider you could be earning up to £75,000 (or more) per year from this profession , the end definitely justifies the means.

I have been working with computers for many years, as already stated, but I honestly believe, and my repair bookings show, that repairing computers, and especially laptops is a massive growth area , and one that has just enabled my family to buy a new motor home (well not brand new) as they can cost more than a house, but certainly a better model than I would have been able to afford.

I have been involved in many businesses in my working life, and the one rule that always sticks out is this.

Always, always, always start your business in a growth area . For example, if you went to your local computer repair shop and asked them to have a look at your PC; and they had time to look at it immediately, you would think ...... "Hmmm, they don't seem very busy"

Alternatively , if you went to that very same shop and they had to book you in for an appointment, you would then know that computer repairs in that area was a VERY demanding business opportunity , and that there was room for an extra outlet. I.E, YOU !

There is serious money to be made in computer repairs , and the secret thing is, most people think it is rocket-science. If it was rocket-science I certainly would have been sunk years ago. Laptop computers are relatively easy to repair . Once you have opened up one laptop, you will wonder why there is so little inside.

Like I said, computers will always be around. You will have a business for life , which is totally recession proof, as PC's will ALWAYS break down.

Will I Need Expensive Tools?

Absolutely not . And this alone will show you just how quickly you will learn. All you will need is basically 2 items. A decent set of Screwdrivers (costing less than a few pounds) and a pair of pliers (again costing less than a loaf of bread).

What Would I Earn, Realistically?

Well, repairing laptops/PC's is more lucrative than you may think . Remember, you will be repairing the machines, and not just removing a virus, etc.

We charge around £100 to £125 for the average repair , and that is on TOP of any parts you have to charge for. So I would say we make around £100 (as a minimum figure) for every laptop computer we repair.

The beauty with laptops , is that you can advertise long distance and the machines can be posted to you - which is more difficult with a desktop PC. The customer will pay for all the postage costs and you will never lose money.

The best way to charge for a repair, and to build up the confidence in your customer (hence more business for you) is to charge your fee ONLY if you complete a repair . If you cannot fix the laptop (which is rare, as you just pick out the right manual from our DVD-ROM and get to work on the diagnostics) then you send the machine back without charging a fee.

Think of it this way : Almost every household has a PC now, some more than one. More and more people are buying laptops instead of bulky desktops PC's. Laptops are coming down in price every day, making them more financially viable for people to own.

If you advertised in your locality, and let's say you only did 2 repairs per day, that would be £200-£250 per day income ( £72,000 per year ). Even if you only did 1 repair per day (easily achieved with local advertising) then you would still be earning over £500 per week. Which is £26.000 per year - part-time!! As each repair should take you no longer than 1-2 hours to complete.

I have been known to fix as many as 6-7 laptops in a single day , easily, and so could you, once you have built your business up!!

What Are The Main Benefits?

I could spend all day listing the benefits, but I have a backroom full or Laptops to repair.

The main benefits include...

  • You Can work from home , No travelling. The customers sends you the laptop for repair, and you can order any spare parts to be sent to your home - easy!

  • The income . You really can earn as much as £65,000 - £75,000 + per year from this home business. You could even earn up to £30,000 part-time. Remember, you will be earning around £100 per repair. And each repair should take you no longer than 1-2 hours to complete. The perfect full-time, or part-time home business.

  • The can actually train on the Job . What I mean is, the best way to start would be to buy a few laptops that are advertised as 'spares or repair' (very cheap). Then repair them, using the manuals on the DVD, and not only will this build your confidence in how easy it is to repair laptops, but you will also be making money when you come to sell them on.
  • You can train at YOUR own speed , and only when YOU feel comfortable will you advertise your services.

  • The simplicity of the business - You spend a few weeks learning, spend the next few weeks earning (repairing old laptops, and selling them on). Then you just advertise in your locality; or nationally; wait for the response; receive the laptops for repair; repair them in your own time & send them back - And earn Great Money .

All About Us

The above picture is of me and my sons at work
. One of my sons also repairs projection screens, as a separate part of the business, although laptops will always remain our major concern. We started in just a backroom in our home , and now we have built a special purpose workshop as an extension to our garage.

We started around 9 years ago fixing computers from a spare room in our home. We initially just advertised and offered the service in our local community. We repaired computers, and built them to specification. Within 5 years we were turning over 6 figures , and have continued to flourish. I still find it strange how quickly the business took off, as I am not business minded at all.

We now have local, and some nation-wide contracts to repair laptops for some large companies. We refurbish them and send them back. The contacts are very lucrative.

Now we have a extension to our garage which is now a professionally designed workshop , from which we do all our repairs.

We did actually think of offering the business package on a franchise basis, and charging around £25,000 , but thought this would be a more convenient way of helping others to create a similar business.

I'm Interested, What Now?

Ok, so you have decided you want to start a new business , repairing laptops, or even just own the manuals for future reference. Earning a living in this industry really is a fantastic opportunity. The money is great and the job satisfaction is a daily event .

Once you receive your DVD , sit down and digest the advice we offer. We advise on advertising; business set-up; pricing; customer service & much more.

You can digest the information at your OWN pace, and only start when YOU are ready. You may even want to buy a couple of OLD laptops (which are very cheap) and start to refurbish them yourself. Not only will this build your confidence, but it will also start earning you money when you sell the laptops on! So you cannot lose.

You will actually be training yourself AND earning money at the same time, and at your own pace. You could even keep on your current job while you train yourself - This is how we started!!!

The DVD contains 95% of the most popular laptop repair manuals around today. We use them ourselves in the day to day running of our business, so we know they work.

This is still a relatively new year, so take the bull by the horns and make this year YOUR year, to start a NEW CAREER !!

What Is The Price Of This DVD?

What you need to realise , is that we are offering you a ready-made opportunity on a DVD. If you were to buy an established business concern, it would cost you many thousands of pounds. For example, if we were to sell OUR laptop repair business, I would not entertain any offers less than £250,000 . The reason for this is we now have contracts with large companies, and we repair as and when they need. These contacts are also quite easy to establish in your local area, for your own business (we give details on this on the DVD).

But, without the contracts we have, we still turnover a figure well into 6 figures , so the cost of our business would still be very high - not that we would ever sell. You could also easily pay £50,000 for a franchise in the same business of repairing laptops.

Remember, with this DVD, you also get the tried and tested advertising methods used by myself when I first started MY business. My phone did not stop ringing a week after I had started these advertising techniques - I will explain every method to you - to kick-start your business!! The customers will come to you .

The only obstacle in your way is the effort you put into starting this business, as we will be providing you with all the materials you require for training . The only other items you will need to buy is a simple toolkit, which can be purchased for less than a fiver these days.

The cost of the DVD, for you to start earning up to £75,000 per year is only:

£19.95 FREE p+p

(excluding VAT charged @ 17.5%)

Yes, you are reading correct, £19.95 for the business opportunity on a DVD, you will earn that back on your very first repair :-)

Please note, that this is a Professionally Designed DVD , with the main emphasis being on how to promote your new business, and not just a DVD with a load of manuals dumped on to it. We created this DVD with the intention of getting your business of to a flying start . This DVD has an easy-to-use menu.

We will only be selling a small number of these DVD's as we do not want to detract from our main business - making serious money repairing laptop Computers :-)

Thank You for your time. I look forward to sending the DVD-ROM to you. Remember, this is a GENUINE business, for GENUINE people. Change your life today.

Business Owner.

We have already helped set up Hundreds of people in the Laptop Repair Business - Join Them Today

Life is too short for regrets. Imagine the life , and the income you could have by buying this DVD-ROM. Buy NOW , and earn a fantastic income in a matter of weeks . Give yourself a chance - You will be pleased you did. Remember, Life is NOT a rehearsal for the next time around -

YOUR time is NOW. Buy Today

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